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White Paper: Critical Infrastructure Network


A White Paper by Elliott Drucker explores the unique window of opportunity currently open which could be exploited to address three critical national interest needs for broadband wireless communications (public safety, “Smart Grid,” and rural broadband) with a single nationwide 700 MHz network.  Even better, the spectrum is already allocated, and federal stimulus funding could pay for most if not all network deployment costs.  Download the White Paper.



Recent Publications


Elliott Drucker is the author of numerous papers and articles relating to wireless technology.  Here are links to some recently published articles available on-line:



Plugging the Dam with Bubblegum: Why Spectrum's Not Enough  Wireless Week Online

A whole lot of money was spent in the recent AWS-3 auctions, but exploding demand for wireless broadband services will not be met just by adding spectrum.


The Future is Streaming  Wireless Week Online

A Cisco Systems study suggests streaming video traffic to smartphones will explode over the next few years.  How will the industry handle it?


Unlimited Data Plans Could Bring Unlimited Headaches  Wireless Week Online

Competition is driving carriers toward “unlimited” data plans.  Major financial and operational headaches are likely to follow.


User Manipulation or ‘Network Optimization’  Wireless Week Online

The FCC is irked by Verizon’s practice of throttling only heavy users with legacy unlimited data plans at times of peak congestion.  Verizon calls it “network optimization,” but short term metering of all users would work better and avoid apparent discrimination.


A Roadmap for Spectrum Sharing  Wireless Week Online – 07/24/2014

Wireless broadband networks can take advantage of shared spectrum and can also provide a practical means for controlling mutual interference among unrelated users.


Can Wireless Deliver the Internet to Everybody?  Wireless Week – 10/2013

Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of universal wireless Internet access for the world’s poor is as intriguing as it is ambitious, but can it possibly succeed?


The Growing Issue of Wireless PrivacyWireless Week

Recent revelations of NSA snooping give rise to broader concerns about privacy for users of some new wireless technologies.


“M2M: Bonanza for Network Operators?” 

Machine-to-machine is bigger than ever at this year’s CTIA show, but how much of the anticipated spectacular growth in M2M revenues will be seen by network operators?


LTE Network Self-Optimization: Present and Future 

LTE Self-Organizing Network (SON) standards and development activities are crucial to effective growth in network capacity.  But industry efforts at optimized interference management, by far the most important SON feature, have thus far been disappointing.


Superstorm Sandy Reveals Wireless Network Vulnerabilities 

In the wake of the devastating storm, millions were left without wireless communications for several days.  Are there practical solutions?


Enterprise and M2M: The Network Angle 

Enterprise and M2M users on wireless data networks create important implications for network operators, both in terms of required technology and their bottom lines.


Are HetNets the Answer? 

Wireless broadband traffic growth will almost certainly outstrip increases in available spectrum.  HetNets – integration of small cells in macro LTE networks – may provide a solution, but only if better interference management tools are developed.


LightSquared’s Technical Woes  Wireless Week – 05/03/2012

The problems LightSquared faces in launching a nationwide LTE network are mostly technical and should have been foreseen.


The Myth of the ‘Cell Edge’ 

The cell edge is a convenient concept for simplifying the optimization and analysis of wireless networks, but it’s almost completely without real-world significance.


Strategies for Meeting 4G Performance Objectives 

RAN optimization will be key in handling inevitable user dissatisfaction with 4G network performance.


What Cellphone/Cancer Studies Should Be Looking At 

Widely publicized studies and discussions in the news media generally fail to consider the critical variable of cellphone transmit power.


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