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Since 1992, Drucker Associates has been providing to carriers, manufacturers, and other enterprises a resource that is in remarkably short supply – objective technical expertise.  In today's increasingly complex and competitive wireless industry, the need for such expertise has never been greater.


Here are some of the key technical areas Drucker Associates is uniquely qualified to deal with:



Strategic Business and Product Development


Drucker Associates is not a traditional management consulting firm.  We don’t claim expertise in accounting, advertising, or human resources.  However, if your organization’s business strategies involve either development or exploitation of wireless technologies, we can be your guide. We have assisted clients in development and application of such products as microcells, cellular repeaters, and network optimization software.  We have helped others to find ways to use wireless networks and technologies in unconventional ways to support other types of enterprises.



Network Optimization and Problem Resolution


Drucker Associates is NOT in the business of replacing your engineering department!  Instead, with our extensive experience in analyzing and optimizing CDMA and GSM (2G and 3G) systems, we will work WITH your engineers and technical staff to identify and solve design and configuration problems that rob your network of performance and capacity.  We can also provide strategic assistance in system optimization, including advice on the most cost effective approaches to enhancing coverage and capacity.  Drucker Associates’ carrier clients typically enjoy substantial cost and QoS advantages over their competitors.



Network Technology Guidance and Deployment Strategies


To ensure success in the fiercely competitive global wireless industry, wireless carriers must today make strategic technology decisions for deploying and expanding systems in the most cost-effective manner possible.  In mature networks, critical emphasis is now on deployment of “4G” data services and on cost and quality management.  At the same time, exciting new wireless enterprises are emerging worldwide, including 3G CDMA-450 and 4G (LTE and WiMAX).  In many cases, what is most lacking is expert, objective technical guidance for the operators involved.  We are prepared to provide such guidance in making critical technology choices, in vendor selections and negotiations, and in strategic planning for new and mature network build-outs.



Technical Due Diligence


In the global arena of venture capitalism and investment banking, there is enormous interest in all aspects of the wireless industry.  The success of strategic investments often hinges upon detailed analysis of technical feasibility and strength of engineering capability.  Drucker Associates is uniquely qualified to provide this crucial component of sound investment strategy.



Expert Witness


Elliott Drucker, President of Drucker Associates, has extensive and highly successful experience in providing expert witness consultation and testimony in matters relating to wireless technology and the wireless industry.  This includes preparation of expert reports, advising counsel on technical matters, and giving testimony at trial and in deposition.



Enterprise Communications Technology Guidance


Wireless VPN? Wireless-wireline convergence? RFID? WLAN? Wireless e-commerce? Just about every enterprise can take advantage of the expanding capabilities of wireless technologies, but few have the expertise to determine how best to integrate them into their core businesses.  Unlike vendors and network service providers, Drucker Associates can provide 100% objective, expert guidance to enterprises of all types and sizes.



Product and Service Development


We are currently entering an era of explosive growth in data-centric wireless services.  Applications developers and network operators need to position their enterprises to take advantage, and this preparation must include careful analysis of potential technical impacts on the networks as well as maximizing the user experience.  Drucker Associates can provide such analysis, as well as guidance in configuring systems to provide high levels of customer satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.



Should you find yourself in need of help in one of these areas, or any other involving wireless technology, please contact us.


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