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Since its founding in 1992, Drucker Associates has provided a broad range of services to an extensive and diverse group of clients.  Following are representative examples.


·           For Motorola, Inc. we assisted in development of technical strategies for evolution of pioneering cellular networks in mainland China and Thailand. These networks subsequently emerged as principal service providers in their respective countries.


·           For Pele-Phone (Israel) we conducted an extensive evaluation of their nationwide cellular network and recommended several critical changes in their evolutionary strategy.  Subsequently, the client was able to deliver improved service quality while lowering capex and opex.


·           For regional wireless operators in the U. S. we have provided guidance in network development, including technology selection, strategies for network design, evolution, and optimization, and core business development.  Most recently we have assisted with strategies for integration of 4G technologies.


·           Elliott Drucker has undertaken several engagements for providing consultation and expert witness services in litigation matters dealing with wireless technologies.  Among these was the patent infringement case ISCO v. STI et al.  In expert report, deposition, and trial testimony on behalf of the defendants Mr. Drucker demonstrated that the patent in suit was invalid due to prior art that should have been disclosed by the applicants.  The jury unanimously agreed and found for the defense, a ruling that was upheld on appeal.


·           For the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) we conducted extensive analyses of wireless communications requirements for the emerging “Smart Grid.”  We delivered two detailed reports of findings and recommendations which are expected to be instrumental in development of industry standards for Smart Grid wireless data communications.


·           For Leap International we undertook a comprehensive evaluation of designs for new CDMA networks in several large markets in Mexico, resulting in performance and efficiency gains.


·           For Schema, Inc. we provided extensive strategic guidance in the development of several software tools used for wireless network optimization.  Our services included design of the basic architecture for the industry’s first tools aimed at CDMA network optimization.


·           For an emerging wireless network operator in a former Soviet republic we undertook an extensive evaluation of strategic technology and business plans for the launch of a pioneering nationwide CDMA-450 voice and data network.  As a result of our efforts, the new network delivered substantially improved performance and capacity within the original capex budget.  This in part led to the acquisition of the client under highly favorable terms.


·           For a venture capital funded start-up manufacturer of wireless products we provided extensive consultation in product development, application engineering, and interfaces with carrier customers.  Our efforts were instrumental in the client mounting a successful public stock offering.


·           For Centennial Puerto Rico we undertook a study of their nationwide CDMA network, making several recommendations that resulted in performance and capacity improvements.


·           For the Clear-Com division of Vitec Group we worked in collaboration with other subject matter experts on extensive technical analyses of client’s current and proposed new wireless intercom products.  Our efforts assisted client in identifying and correcting several problems, resulting in improved performance and customer acceptance.


·           We have provided representation for several clients in wireless industry standards-making bodies.


·           For various venture capital and investment banking firms we have provided due-diligence evaluations of emerging and proposed wireless technologies.


·           For Space Data Corporation we developed feasibility analyses and architectural strategies for a novel approach for providing extremely broad area wireless voice and data communications services using high altitude balloon platforms.


·           For the Jet Propulsion Laboratory we undertook an extensive study of potential technical relationships between terrestrial wireless networks and satellite-based mobile wireless services.  Elliott Drucker subsequently presented the findings of this study at the 1993 International Mobile Satellite Conference.



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