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To address our client’s needs, Drucker Associates can combine the capabilities of Elliott Drucker and several associates, including some of the leading experts in their fields.  Working together, we can provide a multi-disciplinary solution to complex problems involving air interface technologies, wireless networking and optimization, inter-system networking and interoperation, high level theoretical communications system analysis, and software systems for application-specific analysis of network performance and operational data.  Key associates include:



David Crowe


          David Crowe is President of Cellular Networking Perspectives, Ltd. of Calgary, Canada (http://cnp-wireless.com). David is one of the industry's leading experts in the area of wireless core-network protocols, smart card data structures, telecom standards development and the management of numbering and identification resources. He is also available for expert witness services.



Ed Johnson


Ed Johnson is the President of BanDao Associates (http://www.bandaoassoc.com).  He is an expert in point-to-point microwave systems, including their innovative use in sophisticated backhaul networks.  Ed has extensive experience in resolving problems with RF coverage and interference through the use of repeaters and distributed antenna systems.



Dr. Ray W. Nettleton


Ray Nettleton (http://www.raynettleton.com/) is one of the leading experts in the theoretical analysis of communications systems.  He was one of the first visionaries to foresee the use of spread spectrum CDMA in wireless networks.  Ray has academic ties to the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Department at the University of Colorado in Boulder.



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