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Drucker Associates was founded in 1992 by Elliott H. Drucker, a well respected pioneer in the field of wireless telecommunications technology.  Over the years, we have provided our clients throughout the world with a high level of expertise in the areas of wireless network development and optimization, strategic technology and business guidance, and analysis and development of product applications.  For a more detailed description of the services we offer, click here.


Elliott Drucker has over 30 years of experience in the wireless industry, beginning in 1979 when, as an R&D engineering manager, he participated in the development of test mobile equipment used in the famous AT&T “AMPS” cellular trial system in Chicago.  For many years, Elliott was Director of Research for US West NewVector, the cellular operating arm of the “Baby Bell”.  In that role, he was instrumental in the launch of some of the first commercial cellular systems in the United States.  Later, he was deeply involved in development and analysis of air-interface standards for second and third generation digital wireless technologies.  Elliott was a pioneer in the development of a number of key technologies used in wireless network design, including repeaters and microcells, hierarchical cell architectures, and the use of interference matrices for frequency planning.  These innovations resulted in several patents.  Elliott is a recognized expert in the area of wireless network optimization, particularly those using CDMA and OFDM (4G) technologies.


Since founding Drucker Associates, Elliott has remained one of the industry’s most respected experts in wireless network technology.  He is a frequent presenter at industry gatherings and has authored a number of articles published in leading trade journals.  His monthly column on technology issues has been a regular feature in Wireless Week (www.wirelessweek.com) since 1998.  For links to some recent Wireless Week columns available on-line, click here.



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